The Foundation Pro San Gottardo

The Pro St. Gotthard Foundation was set up on February 15, 1972 by the Swiss Confederation, the Cantons of Ticino and Uri, the Municipality of Airolo, the Swiss League for the Preservation of the National Patrimony and by the Swiss League for the Protection of Nature with the aim of “preserving the environment of the Gotthard Pass and of the Hospice, national testimony of our history and expression of Swiss liberty and independence” (Art. 2), and to “independently encourage or  promote  projects for the valuing of the Gotthard Pass, such as: the publishing of historical, scientific, and  artistic works and the collecting of minerals, documents, and prints about the region”.


Thanks to the fundraising, the Foundation has bought all the Pass’ buildings and has renovated them: the Old Hospice, the St. Gotthard Hotel, the post office, the kiosk, the youth hostel, the Chapel, the Vecchia Sosta building, and the St. Gotthard National Museum. Furthermore, the Pro St. Gotthard Foundation and the Federal Military Department have taken over the upper part of the Forte Ospizio and organized the “Forte Ospizio St. Gotthard Museum”, following the concept of Dr. Hans Rapold, Div a.D.  The Foundation’s latest impressive project was the renovation of the Vecchio Ospizio building, the oldest one of the St. Gotthard Pass, which was carried out between 2008 and 2010.


Fondazione Pro San Gottardo
Casella Postale 82
CH-6780 Airolo


Tel: +41 91 873 30 60

President: dott. Dick Marty

Secretary: Livio Lombardi


If you are interested in making a donation to the St. Gotthard Pass through the Foundation Pro San Gottardo, here are the details:


Fondazione Pro San Gottardo

CH-6780 Airolo

CCP 65-65-1


Thank you for your great support!